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Partner with an Analytics Leader for Your Roadmap to Success

Use Data to Get a 360-Degree View of Your Business

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Let Your Data Take Your Business to Higher Grounds

Industrial Data Analysis 

Leveraging machine learning, visualisation tools and predictive analytics algorithms, our team can help cleints create VALUE from industrial big data in various scenarios to support management decision making, reduce maintenance costs and improve customer service.

Quantitative Investment

Combining traditional factor analysis methodologies, big data analysis techniques and cutting-edge AI SOLUTIONS, our team help clients develop alpha strategies, assess risk management process, conduct back-testing and build algorithm trading platforms in stock, forex and commodity markets.  

Strategic Consulting

Uncovering relevant, impactful insights from commercial data and business model, our team support business leaders to  implement actionable roadmap, achieve business objectives and EVOLVE their organizations in the context of complex environments and competitive dynamics.

Business process automation

Driving EFFICIENCY, profitability and reliability, our team help clients streamline workflows, centralise information, improve service delivery and reduce costs to achieve the goal of automating complex business process and optimising digital transformation. 

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Unprecedented Velocity. Impeccable Reliability.

DigiStrategy is a boutique consulting firm specialising in industrial data analysis, machine learning, data-driven strategic consulting, quantitative analysis and business digitalisation. 

In the right environment, with the right enablers, data and analytics drive growth. Our ​experts help businesses fully exploit the power of structured and unstructured data by revealing insights that may previously have been hidden. We work together with our clients to discover and catalogue those insights. We set out actionable plans based on those insights. We build valuable and scalable solutions to improve business performance. We help leaders make better decisions, operationalise analytics and improve business outcomes.

Customer experience plays an important role in determining the success of any business. Our team have the expertise and experience to meet and surpass your expectations. We keep a positive attitude and responsive communication. We continuously aim for major success to help clients achieve crucial milestones.

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